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November 07 , 2017 Tuesday

Manitowoc announced new four axle Grove All Terrain crane GMK4090

 Manitowoc has announced a new four axle Grove All Terrain crane, the 90 tonne GMK4090, an upgrade to the current GMK4080-1/GMK4100B which has been in production since 2006.

The new GMK4090 features a 51 metre six section Megaform boom with the Grove Twin-Lock boom pinning system. A nine to 15 metre bi-fold swingaway can be further extended with a six metre insert between boom nose and extension, taking the maximum tip height to 75 metres.

The new crane has an overall width of 2.55 metres and can travel with up to 9.1 tonnes of counterweight on board within 12 tonne axle weights, or up to 18.3 tonnes where heavier loadings are permitted, such as in the UK. Tailswing is 3.53 metres, allowing it to stay within the outrigger footprint. Grove’s MAXbase variable outrigger set up system is available as an option. The company’s Crane Control System (CCS) is standard.

A lower counterweight 80 tonne version – the GMK4080-2 - will also be available outside of North America. The GMK4090 be available globally.

Andreas Cremer, global product director of Grove All Terrain cranes said: “The GMK4090 has been designed with flexibility and manoeuvrability as main focuses. With its best in class taxi crane load chart and compact footprints, this crane will be ideal for a variety of jobs, such as general construction and plant maintenance work. Various counterweight options also give it versatility in roading, which can increase efficiency and return on investment for many owners.”

“We spoke to many customers when designing this new crane to fully understand their needs and desires for cranes in this class. When seeking to replace the GMK4080-1/GMK4100B, we had to ensure that the GMK4090 would be extremely versatile in travel, set up and lifting options. This is The Manitowoc Way in action, and the result is a new crane that should help crane owners increase efficiency and utilisation in their fleets.”


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