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July 25 , 2012 Wednesday

Lishide wins Nigeria with quality product and service

While LISHIDE excavator is standing out in domestic construction machinery industry by high quality, it is also shining over the international stage. In the economic center of Nigeria, Lagos, the so called African Manhattan, LISHIDE excavator is winning wide recognition among our African friends, and doing great contributions to the local infrastructure development.

Early in the morning, I received an urgent call from my customer telling some problem happened to their LISHIDE excavator. I told him to calm down and inquired about the failure phenomenon and site location and told him we would move immediately. After a short communication with our engineers about the cause of the failure we set out. It always rains without any omen in Nigeria's rainy season. Moving slowly on the muddy road for two hours then we arrived at the site. Our engineer checked the machine and found that the operator's improper operation on the monitor made the engine at high speed at different modes. The machine returned to normal after resetting. Then we introduced the using methods and points to be noticed to the operator in details. After that, we checked the whole machine and found the lubricating points has not been lubricated for a long time. We emphasized the importance of daily maintenance for the life time of the machine and required the lubrication be done immediately. From our talk with the site manager and the operator, I felt that they all very satisfied with our machine and service which made me very proud.

Finally, our African friends asked to take a photo together. From this tracking service, I deeply felt that timely service is so important like quality. Then I made my determination, LISHIDE excavator will be a leading brand in Nigeria by our high quality product and service.


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